Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I want to achieve in my life.

Salam.. hi..

I got another task today.. “What I want to achieve in my life.”

IT is my life now.. To tell the true I’m not interested in IT before.. I come to like IT went I first take my diploma after SPM.. step by step.. I’m studies it.. but now every of my step and achieve involve with it. Firstly after my diploma I already make a plan to work for a year and continue study for degree. I don't know why I suddenly forget it, may be because I got money in my hand then I give all my heart in working. Working and working now it being 3 years already. Then I remember back my plan, so now this year I continue my studies in degree.

If I want to talk about what I want to achieve in my life right now.. I will think about working in my field of studies.  Before this I had work experience in office and technical. Both side was ok for me,  but if  I need to choose I will take office work but still need to do a technical work.

Now, I had this ambition to be an engineer.. may be a software engineer. but did I really compatible to be once. let hoping first and put more effort on it.


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  1. hye i know your goal achived because since here u're quite person...good luck!! i hope we get what we want..insyallah~!